Cat and Simon, the stars of Eden's Legacy, return home to their parents' community in Yellowstone, only to find it a ghost town. Where have Ben & Lila and the other residents gone?

A seemingly innocent date gone tragically wrong ends in a web of murder, lies, greed, and a stolen treasure dating back almost a century.

Two survivors of an apocalypse must travel the empty American landscape in search of a rumored western community.  But does a great evil await them?

The police want to catch them. A government group wants to kill them. They don't know why. The answers lie in Alaska ... if they can get there alive!


Daisy Leduc was forgotten and alone. That was just how she wanted it. But then she is discovered stabbed to death ... for the second time in 30 years!

Two ordinary teenagers are forced to rise to extraordinary heights when faced with a world that has suddenly and inexplicably died.

Five teenage girls in Oregon disappear. The unthinkable has happened and time is running out! 

Murder, mayhem, hit men, and alligators in a deadly adventure through the Florida Everglades.

Award-Winning Amazon Bestselling Author

Born into a post-apocalyptic world, a group of teens goes in search of the world of their parents. But danger comes in many forms, and all deadly.

The Cape Cod vacation from hell. Terrorists have destroyed the bridges to the Cape and a CAT 4 hurricane is on the doorstep. There's no place to hide!