Mysterious sightings of an antique car stolen twenty-five years earlier from a local car show have the town of Plainville in an uproar. Is it a "ghost" or the real car? And why after all these years has it reappeared? Artie is determined to get to the bottom of it and find the car--and in the process solve a 25-year-old mystery the police say is hopeless.​



Jessica Norton is a woman on the run, a sensational lead item on the nightly news, accused of the murders of four of her fellow staffers of a U.S. Senator. Jon Harper is a grieving father whose life has crumbled over the death of his young daughter. When Jon picks up Jess hitchhiking on a deserted Texas highway one rainy night, it pitches him into the middle of a massive conspiracy, one that threatens the very future of the United States.

From having nothing to live for, Jon suddenly finds himself the protector of someone with everything to live for, someone desperate to uncover the conspiracy that has ruined her life. Staying two steps ahead of the police, and barely one step ahead of the powerful organization that wants Jess dead, Jon discovers that Jess is harboring a secret of her own, a strange inner "voice" providing cryptic clues for them to follow.

Part political thriller and part chase novel, Wisdom Spring takes readers on a fast-paced, suspenseful ride along the highways of the U.S. and Canada, into the far reaches of the Alaskan wilderness. Along the way, the two unlikely heroes transition from helpless prey into proficient hunters as the mysterious clues eventually lead them to a violent final confrontation with corrupt forces at the highest levels of government.

Arthur "Artie" MacArthur is a tenacious twelve-year-old with good detective instincts, somewhat questionable judgment, and two very good friends: Jenny Adams--tofu-eating and quick-witted, with a large dose of common sense, and a sarcastic wit; and Sam Franklin--bologna-eating, sports-loving, mystery-hating, but always there in a pinch. From Artie and Sam's outrageous sandwich-making contests (the sight and smell of which make Jenny nauseous), to the danger that lurks around every corner, once Artie and his friends decide to solve a case, the humor and excitement is nonstop.


It's July 5th, and the Cape Cod roadways are clogged with tourists heading home from the holiday weekend and trying to outrun an approaching potentially catastrophic hurricane. But in the blink of an eye, their lives are thrown into chaos when terrorists bring down the bridges to the Cape. Instantly, a half million terrified people have no way to escape. And when the terrorists threaten to release anthrax on the captive population if their demands aren't met, fear turns to all-out panic.

With time running out, Marcus Baldwin, a private investigator and former CIA operative, and Sara Cross, a disgraced ex-homicide detective, are brought together by a sole clue to the identity of the terrorists. They quickly realize that they may be the only ones with even a chance at stopping the plot before it's too late. 

With Category 4 Hurricane Chad barreling up the coast on a path for a direct hit on Cape Cod, it becomes frighteningly clear to everyone trapped on what has now become an island—one way or another they are probably all going to die.


The county fair is in town and Artie is anxious to try out the new attraction--The Ride of Doom. Performing at the fair is Artie's favorite singer, Dallas Dakota, a big star when Artie's parents were young, now relegated to performing in the county fair circuit. When the local bank is robbed and suspicion falls on Dallas Dakota and his band, Artie springs into action to prove that his favorite singer is innocent. Does the answer lie in The Ride of Doom?

Daisy Leduc was forgotten and alone. That was just how she wanted it. But when she is discovered stabbed to death in a dusty little Texas town, it plunges Del Honeycutt and bestselling mystery author Sabrina Spencer into a 30-year-old mystery involving murder, hidden identities, dangerous family secrets, political intrigue, and a long-forgotten serial killer.

Daisy's estranged daughter, who hasn't seen her mother in years, receives a package sent shortly before her mother's death. A note instructs her to immediately contact Sabrina and give her the package if Daisy is killed. But why Sabrina? The temptation to uncover the answer leads Del and Sabrina on a dangerous quest to find Daisy's killer. When they discover that Daisy, under a different name, supposedly died 30 years earlier, they find themselves squarely in the crosshairs of killers whose deadly secrets lie in Daisy's mysterious past.

"The Earth died in less than a minute. Maybe that's an exaggeration. It's not like the planet ceased to exist altogether. It just seemed like it. Cities were reduced to rubble. Millions of people died that day. I've since been told that 95% of the Earth's human population was wiped out. I don't know if that's true—I mean, who can know that for sure? It's not like we still have any of the technology that we once used to determine such things. But I do know that it was almost empty of people—live ones, that is."

Thus begins the journey of Ben and Lila, two ordinary teenagers forced to rise to extraordinary heights when faced with a world that has suddenly and inexplicably died. Dealing with the sorrow of all they have lost, but the love they have found in each other, they set off on an odyssey that will bring them to the limits of human endurance and face to face with the frailty of their very existence. From the extreme violence of many of the surviving humans toward one another, to a world physically falling apart at the seams, Ben and Lila are determined to make it through the devastation in their quest for a place to quietly share their life together. In the process, they have to become as violent as the world around them in order to survive, while struggling to hold onto the humanity that will keep them sane.

Artie and his friends go up against the Krag Chemical Company, whom they suspect is polluting the river. They run across two crooks, nicknamed "Ham" and "Cheese," and try to discover why their science teacher--who was leading the fight against Krag--has gone missing. In the process, they discover that they are in a race against time to stop Krag before it is too late!

It has been seventeen years since the event that killed most of the people on the planet. The violence that swept the country for so long is gone, and Ben and Lila are now living a peaceful existence in their Yellowstone community. But more trouble is looming, and when their daughter Katie, now sixteen and going by the name of Cat, and eleven other teenagers leave to explore the country, that trouble hits home.

When two of the teens, one near death and the other deep in shock, return to Yellowstone a month later with the story that one member of the group is dead and the rest have scattered after a vicious attack by a new enemy, Ben and Lila know they must go after their daughter and her friends. But where? And are they weeks too late?
Taking up from the events of Eden Lost and moving ahead eight years, Eden’s Legacy shifts between the adventures of Ben and Lila and those of their daughter Cat, a “different” girl who relates more easily to animals than she does to humans.

The final chapter in the Eden Rising Trilogy, Eden’s Legacy has Ben and Lila meeting old friends, discovering what has happened across the rest of the globe, and asking the question: Will their new world ever know peace?

Andrew Cunningham

Artie and his friends witness a small plane crash in the forest. When they arrive on the scene, the plane is empty, and they discover a coded message taped to the control panel. The plane was stolen from a nearby airport, one of many that have recently disappeared without a trace.  Artie is determined to break the code and solve the mystery of the missing planes. In this humorous and exciting adventure, Artie runs across a suspicious airport manager, lots of cows, a gang of airplane thieves, and he takes an unplanned airplane journey halfway across the country, the prisoner of a singing pilot who can't hit the high notes.



"I come from a long line of idiots."

Those were the last words his father uttered before dying, and from what he knew of his family tree and the unfortunate end that came to so many of his ancestors, Del Honeycutt couldn't disagree. What he didn't know was that his family held dark secrets—secrets that were about to come crashing down upon him.

A seemingly innocent date gone tragically wrong plunges Del into a web of murder, lies, greed, and a hidden fortune dating back to a crime committed 85 years earlier by his great-grandfather. Accompanied by Sabrina, the sister of Del's brutally murdered date, a violent journey of discovery and fear begins. Pursued by vicious killers intent on eliminating anyone with knowledge of the 85-year-old crime, their only hope of survival is to find the reason behind the original crime and why, decades later, someone is still willing to kill to keep it hidden. But Sabrina is concealing a monstrous lie of her own. Is she who she says she is?

Amazon Bestselling Author


A burglar is on the loose in the small town of Plainville, and Artie is determined to crack the case! When he runs into an odd, dangerous-looking character in town, Artie is convinced the man is up to no good. Lacking any proof, Artie tails him, enlisting the help of his friends Jenny and Sam. But is the scary stranger the burglar the police are looking for, or has Artie found himself in a mess of trouble?

When a forest fire destroys their beloved forest sanctuary, Ben and Lila, along with their six-year-old daughter Katie and their dog Ralph, head west through the earthquake-ravaged landscape, toward a rumored thriving community in Yellowstone National Park. Along the way, they encounter the changes that have overtaken the world—both to the land and to the remaining survivors of the “event”—changes that are a constant source of danger.

But another rumor persists as well, that of a “great evil” in the Midwest—an evil they will have to deal with if they have any hope of making it safely to Yellowstone—to a community they are not even sure really exists.

Taking place six years after the events of EDEN RISING, EDEN LOST follows Ben and Lila on a new journey of discovery, one that presents them with surprises and obstacles that will change their life forever. Six years after finding their peace, Ben and Lila have to re-enter the world. Has it gotten better or become far worse?

Five teenage girls from a small town in Oregon disappear without a trace. Were they kidnapped, or have the five friends perpetrated a massive hoax? Nine hundred miles away in Las Vegas, a woman with a dark secret vanishes on her way to meet friends for dinner.

Those friends are Del Honeycutt and bestselling mystery author Sabrina Spencer, in Las Vegas for a book convention. As Del and Sabrina investigate their friend’s disappearance, they are convinced that she has been abducted, and they begin to uncover the secrets that might have triggered her abduction, secrets that now put Del and Sabrina’s lives in jeopardy.

When clues indicate that the five missing girls might also be in Las Vegas, the situation takes a new turn, directly into the unthinkable.

Once again, Del and Sabrina find themselves head over heels in trouble and marked for death, and they only have a few hours to solve the case or their friend and the five young girls will be gone forever.