Eden Rising

"The Earth died in less than a minute. Maybe that's an exaggeration. It's not like the planet ceased to exist altogether. It just seemed like it. Cities were reduced to rubble. Millions of people died that day. . ."

Wisdom Spring

Jessica Norton is a woman on the run, a sensational lead item on the nightly news, accused of the murders of four of her fellow Senate staffers. Jon Harper is a grieving father whose life has crumbled over the death of his young daughter. When Jon picks up Jess hitchhiking on a deserted Texas highway one rainy night, it pitches him into the middle of a massive conspiracy, one that threatens the very future of the United States.

The Novels of Andrew Cunningham

April 8, 2014~

Eden Lost is out!!!!

Click on the link above to order your copy. If you haven't read Eden Rising yet, I urge you to do so before reading Eden Lost.

The paperback version will be out in a few weeks. Watch this site for news of its publication.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and support!!!


Eden Lost


  Seven years ago the world died. "I often think about who we were before the catastrophe. I was seventeen, and Lila was a year younger. In so many ways we were both behind others our age in maturity. But then I wonder about that. Were we really? Because somehow we ended up alive when so many other “survivors” of the event couldn’t make it..."